About Us

Focus on independent innovation based on product quality

  Shanghai MICSON Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with R&D technology as its leading factor and based on independent innovation. Specializing in the research, development, design, production, sales and service of intelligent manufacturing equipment required by the semiconductor and OLED display industries, as well as factory automation robot production lines in the electronic information industry, we are committed to providing customers with an integrated overall solution of mature products, matching jigs, application processes and on-site services.

  MICSON started operations in 2010. R&D and head quarter is located in Pujiang Caohejing High-tech Park in Minhang district, Shanghai China, with a 1100m2 clean room. The production and manufacturing center is located in Haian, Jiangsu province, with a clean workshop of 5000m2. MICSON have won many awards such as National high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Pujiang talent start-up enterprise, overseas student start-up enterprise, and Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project, and has undertaken important projects such as "National 02 Major Project" and "National Electronic Information Industry Revitalization Project" etc.

  MICSON is paying great attention to the construction of company culture. Relying on our unique culture, we have accumulated a large number of outstanding talents in the industry and have reserved abundant employees for the long-term development of the enterprise, thus enabling us to have strong technical and market competitiveness. Among the existing employees, 20% are Doctors and Masters, and 95% are employees with bachelor degree or above.

  MICSON always insists on independent development and continuous innovation. We have successively developed three series of more than 20 kinds of equipment products and MES/CIM EAP system compatible software and hardware supporting technical services, including semiconductors, OLED and factory automation, More than 70pcs national patents have been obtained. The series of products such as the high-end equipment for WLP, "wafer level micro ball mounter" and the wafer robot handling equipment "wafer sorter" for the wafer fab have reached the world's top class level, and have been used in mass production in many industry leaders such as HLMC, JCAP, TFME, HUATIAN, EDO etc.  

  Relying on independent innovation, MICSON attaches great importance to cooperative development. We have successively established long-term cooperation in scientific research project development, academic exchange and personnel training with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Technology and University of Yamanashi etc. We have also established mutual trust and cooperation in project development with many customers. Professor Hiroshi Makino who is the developer of the famous SCARA robot which has a quarter of the global market share now, is acting as the company's technical consultant to sincerely provide domestic customers with international high-end robot application solutions.

  MICSON is dedicating to the equipments and manufacturing technologies development for next generation of wafer manufacturing process, advanced wafer level packaging and flexible OLED manufacturing. In the future, MICSON will soon grow to be one of the world's first-class suppliers of manufacturing equipment for semiconductor and become a global leader in specialized equipment in intelligent manufacturing.